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The Home Free Basics – Simply Revolutionary

Home Free is a revolutionary new loan freeing consumers and unlocking their ultimate financial power. Did you know that the average American spends over 50% on taxes and interest over their lifetime? Read on for a simple, new way to free you from that burden.

Imagine how much you’d save if you were your own bank. You’d have flexibility, control, security and leverage. Home Free gives you the keys. It’s a simple concept, which benefits you, not just the bank.

American's have become the victim. They've been lured into refinancing, again and again, into a lower rate. It lowers a monthly payment, so why not? The punch line: every refinance also restarts the 30 year payment clock, all with front-loaded interest and adding more fees. The result: a perpetual debt treadmill for 30 years into the future.

My Bank, My Loan, My Way

Is the powerful engine of the Home Free Loan. It can quickly and simply eliminate debt, increase cash flow and build a secure, future nest egg for retirement.

It's different because you pay off your principal every month, not just your interest. ARM's, 15 year and 30 year loans are interest front-loaded, reducing principal in the later years. The My Bank engine resets the principal balance EVERY MONTH. This increases principal payoff up to 4x faster!

Home Free
ingeniously combines a full-service checking account with your mortgage. The funds in the checking account work for you when they are not being used to apply your average daily cash flow against your loan's principal balance. The net effect: you pay on a lower principal balance every month, you pay less interest monthly and payoff more of the principal each month. Since the principal balance is recalculated on a monthly basis, your interest payment is continually reduced while more of your payment is applied towards your principal.

The savings are massive: On a $200,000 loan, there's an average savings of $115,000 in interest!